Sports in buenos aires

maradona y copaFootball
The most popular sport in Argentina: 20 clubs in the first league, eight of which reside in BA. Our football championship is among the 5 most important in the world. Games are held, almost all year round. To check dates, go to AFA's official site or check our calendar. Ask us for tours and rates.

The Polo Open depicts every Noember the opposite to football: refinement, and sophistication. The sport for the upper classes... At high speeds on horses bred in La Pampa, over the last 100 years, the Polo Open has become the greatest goal of this exclusive sport's players. Ask us for tours and rates.

Not as popularly played as football, this sport is also followed by many people because of its great players, and especially when Los Pumas (the national selection team) is playing here or anywhere else. Ask for dates (not all year round), tours and rates.