Learn Spanish and discover a new world through words & people

Types of courses

VerBaires Spanish School offers one-to-one courses mainly, because we avoid mixed levels groups. So, if you are looking for a course in which the teacher is devoted to you, you will find it here.

In addition, to help you practise your Spanish with someone other than your teacher or a classmate having the same doubts as you, we offer our tandem or friends programme, so you will chat with native speakers and learn a lot.

We do, also, offer group spanish lessons for parties of two of more people travelling together (friends or couples), providing their knowledge of the language is even.

For those who want to feel safer with their spanish before arriving in BA, or those who want to brush up their knowledge after leaving, we offer online spanish lessons. These are held through a well-known communications interfase, and is almost the same as the real thing.


We teach all levels:

In all of the courses we cover grammar, structures, vocabulary and general iinterests topics, all related with the Argentine and Latin-American culture. We can also cover, if you are interested, some specific area, such as tourism, history, culture, grammar or whatever you need to make the most of your course.

Learning material

Once you start lessons, you will receive a folder with all the material you will need for your course. Lessons are designed by the school, with a strong emphasis on Argentine culture topics. So, you do not only learn grammar and functions, but also about our culture, history, cuisine, famous people, from day 1.


Intensive Spanish courses (from 10 to 20 hrs weekly) are held in the afternoons, and we leave the mornings for those doing regular Spanish courses (once or twice a week, 2 to 3 hours per day). Lessons may be held from 8 to 18hrs., altough sometimes we can make exceptions. For online spanish courses, ask us, since it will depend on your country of residence and our time in Argentina.

Classes are 60 minutes long. If you are doing an intensive spanish course (3 or 4 hours daily), you will have a coffee break in the middle of the class. If you are doing less than that, there will be no break, but there will still be coffee and cookies, all on us.


Those willing to take a certificate back home can take one of the following examinations:

Lending Library

One of the best ways to advance in the learning of a language, is exploring its culture. That's why we lend our students books, CD's and videos of Argentine and Hispanic writers, musicians and films, so you can submerge into a new world of words, music and films.

Our teachers

All of our teachers have a degree in Spanish Literature or Linguistics, with further studies in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. They all speak English, and some will also speak other languages. Needless to say, they are all experienced, kind and patient teachers.

Our students

Everyone is welcome at VerBaires. People from all nationalities, languages and ages can learn Spanish with us.