Ciudanza - Dance in Parks Ciudanza - Dance in parks
March 2011
Saturdays and Sundays, walking on a park you will meet dancers using public space as a stage.

BAFICI - Buenos Aires Independent Films Festival.
April 6th to 17th 2011
Excellent chance to see films from all over the world and hear the authors speak about them.

Intercultural theatre Teatro intercultural
Enhance your Spanish skills while improvising or acting out different scenes together with locals and other foreign students.

spanglish Spanglish
Grab a beverage of choice (it's included!), find your first table and sit with a native speaker. Learn local lingo from native speakers and share tips and insights while meeting locals and fellow travelers. Spanglish is an invaluable opportunity to practice language skills and an incredible way to meet new people.

VinosAyres - wine tasting Vinosaires: Taste as much wine as you can while having a picada (bits of delicacies) in Palermo. A sommelier will explain differences between the different wines, along with history of wine in Argentina. A quizz at the end awards a bottle of champaigne for the winning team. Ask for venues and prices.

Buenos Aires Circus Festival Buenos Aires Polo Circo Festival
26th April - 8th May 2011.
Circus for the entire family. A busy week , with amateurs and professionals. Clowns , variety shows , air shows , jugglers, acrobats.

festival ciudad emergente Festival Ciudad Emergente
June 16 to 20 2011
Street art, digital art, fashion, music, literature, cinema, live shows. The hippiest trends in a week. Not to miss!

Buenos Aires Fashion Week
August 11-13th 2011
The biggest show of national fashion. A place for brands and independent designers to show their newest designs.

contemporary dance festival Contemporary Dance Festival
October 7th to 11th, 2011.
Right! Contemporary dance, and many other shows, in different theatres throughout the city. And also, lectures, conferences, films projections, open rehearsals, workshops and forums. With local and international artists.

International Buenos Aires Festival FIBA - Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires
Sept. 24th to October 8th, 2011.
Mostly theatre, but you may find other types of shows, such as lounge music, or meetings with authors and public.

November 2011.
Maths Olimpics and much more: games, challenges, board games, gigantic games, shows, conferences. A lot for your kids, but grown-ups will enjoy it too.

jazz festival Jazz Festival
Nov. 1st to 6th, 2011
The City oozes jazz! A unique opportunity to watch and listen the best of local and international jazz at various venues of the city.

culture for breathing Buenos Aires - Culture for breathing
January and February. The hottest months in the year. To freshen up the body and the spirit during summer nights, every year, the Government of the City presents a series of concerts in different parks throughout the city. Take your mat, sit down on the ground and have some "mates"!